Well I have been motoring through my list!! It’s so refreshing every time I know I’ve succeeded in ticking off another mission no matter how large or small!

The aim on the 101 list is to set numerous targets for myself personally and for my business. It comprises of 101 things to achieve in 1001 days which is 2.75 years. My full list is here and you can see my previous blogs and some of the ones I have achieved under the 101 in 1001 category

Since my last update I have completed:

2. Renovate a house – well nearly, we’ve moved in but still working on some bits, I will soon be blogging some pictures of the journey over the last 12 months.

10. Exhibit my street photography – Although I do need to do more and aim for a more commercial exhibition, my street photography folio was exhibited in my college’s creative arts show.

20. Arrange my 30th Birthday party – a Huge success of burlesqueness! great night and great friends! Me and my girls from the evening…

22. Restore/redecorate big old office desk – I’m sat at it as I type!

BEFORE… with help from my mini-me…

AFTER… working office desk and where I am sat most days editing or writing blogs!

32. Read one book a month – I’m nailing this so far, polished off the hunger games trilogy very quickly, now reading some Peter James books, any other suggestions to feed my book habit ladies and gents?? please leave some titles in the reply box at the bottom of this post 🙂

54. Print large images for new living room – they look fab!

Pride of place in our new living room… 

56. Throw out some clothes and give the ok ones to charity

60. Photograph all Casey Grandchildren together – but I’d like to do it again as it wasn’t very warm!! I am one of four girls and this gorgeous lot are our children…

63. Approach a stranger I’d like to model in a shoot


97. Not be the last mummy to pick up my 5 year old from after school club – I used to work full time as an IT consultant (yawn… I here ya!) and I was pretty much always the last to pick up Erin from the after school club… now I am there every day at the school gates for 3.15 and LOVE IT!

98. Choose a conservatory – Pictures to follow!

WOWZERS what an update! I would REALLY REALLY like to hear about your goals and when you’re achieving them… have you written a 101? please share! if not, why not try it now and then share!! it’s so motivating so get stuck in!

Look forward to hearing from you


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