Firstly I can’t actually believe it’s been an entire year since I wrote my 101 in 1001 list. If you’re not familiar with 101’s… it is a list of goals from itty bitty things you want to achieve to massive life changers, the rule is anything can be on it but the aim is to achieve all 101 things in 1001 days which is 2.75 years. So one year in, how is it going?

I can honestly say, I don’t think I would have achieved a lot of what I have already, had I not created this list in the first place, it motivates me! The key thing is I wrote it… when you have a goal WRITE IT DOWN, you are 80% more likely to achieve it if you do.

I urge anyone to start their own 101 list. At first you will think “jeez I’ll never think of 101 things”, but once your pen hits the paper, you think of more and more things and because you’ve written it you CAN ACHIEVE it. I’ve not looked at my list in a while which is bad because some of the little things I haven’t done but could have!

So without further ado, an update of completed goals:

3. Rent out a house DONE

8. Make a promo video – It’s made, will be LAUNCHING SOON watch this space 🙂

12. Go to Uganda and volunteer at the pregnancy crisis centre for girls – BIGGEST ACHIEVED GOAL you can catch up with my daily journals and photography from Uganda HERE

18. Go for a long walk twice a week for 2 months – I am walking every day 🙂

19. Meet up with some old friends – Had the pleasure of seeing my long lost bestie for my 30th and in summer and we’re off to Wales in a couple of weeks to stay with her too, can’t wait! Also Mr Weave, who I hadn’t seen for 4 years I’ve seen twice in the last 6 months. Good Times.

26. Learn how to collapse my Lastolite HiLite in the 6 seconds it supposedly takes – I DID IT! I gave up for ages but decided only a few weeks ago that I needed to man up. My arms are too short for a 6’x7′ pop up background and hubbie always did it for me… apparently the knack for short asses like me is to shove it into a sofa or wall to twist and collapse… works first time every time HOORAH!

27. Give up alcohol for a month – not actually completed as yet but am on it – DAY 10 so far.

29. Blog at least once a week – Pretty much on this and some weeks its more than once, happy with that

30. Second Shoot more Weddings alongside Photographers I admire – I first started second shooting for Julia West. I’ve also now shot with Claudia Carter, Eliza Claire and soon to shoot with Matt Parry.

32. Read one book a month – Nailing this! Am always after book recommendations folks, post in the comments any must reads you know of.

33. Bake cakes with Erin again – Cake, Brownies, Mince Pies, we are on it!

35. Give Blood – Thanks to Emma my sister-in-law for your message on my last 101 update for letting me know (all the way from her travels!) that I needed to get on this before travelling to Uganda as otherwise I’d have to wait 6 months to do it. My pint was given and I’m so proud… sign up folks you could save a life!

38. Meet more photographers – doing this as much as possible! looking forward to meeting up with Gina Soden this year, she rocks!

45. Work out Twitter and use it regularly – I think I’ve cracked it, you can follow me @caseyavenue

49. Take the kids to London – We went to the Natural History Museum and ate lunch in the park

51. Find a local framing supplier – DONE, and he’s pretty awesome, fantastic quality, get in touch for a price for some lovely framed prints

59. Get a new tattoo – it’s a stop gap tat… I want a bigger one but this is for in the meantime lol!

70. Get a dog – if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you may have seen this handsome fella already… Rocco our German Shorthaired Pointer 🙂

91. Write a marketing plan – DONE but also constantly evolving!

94. Advertise on a wedding blog – I had a banner on Rock N Roll Bride for a bit, you can also find me on the Rock My Wedding Love Lust List and Boho Loves.

96. Go to the Olympics – AMAZING and what an experience for my kids to remember and tell their children in years to come. The beach volleyball was our favourite, we also saw some football and then an adults trip with friends to the closing concert with Bombay Bicycle club, New Order, The Specials and Blur… Good Times!

101. Take a jump and land it (no matter how small) wake-boarding – YES!

Wow… not bad going since the last update! You can see the full list HERE 45 out of 101 in the first year! BOOYAH!

Now get a notepad and start yours 🙂

Big Love H.x

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