101 things to do in 1001 days = 2.75 years, I wrote this list on Tuesday 17th January 2012 that gives me until Tuesday October 14th 2014. Have a read, maybe write your own list, make it happen!

  1. Grow a bigger, better veg patch again
  2. Renovate a house
  3. Rent out a house
  4. Attend a house auction
  5. Get branding for Casey Avenue professionally designed
  6. Launch Casey Avenue website
  7. Attend Photographer run Course (not just college)
  8. Make a promo video
  9. Do more street photography
  10. Exhibit my street photography
  11. Create a Casey Avenue blog & Twitter page
  12. Go to Uganda and volunteer at the pregnancy crisis centre for girls
  13. Learn to snowboard
  14. Book a snowboarding holiday
  15. Print and make my own family albums
  16. Own a MacBook Pro
  17. Get a Kelly Moore camera bag
  18. Go for a long walk twice a week for 2 months
  19. Meet up with some old friends
  20. Arrange my 30th Birthday party
  21. Learn how to surf
  22. Restore/redecorate big old office desk
  23. Have a couple shoot done of James and I
  24. Have a life style shoot done with the kids too by a pro-tog
  25. Rock My Frock!
  26. Learn how to collapse my Lastolite HiLite in the 6 seconds it supposedly takes
  27. Give up alcohol for a month
  28. Go on a road trip to Belgium in the campervan
  29. Blog at least once a week
  30. Second Shoot more Weddings alongside Photographers I admire
  31. Book 20 solo Weddings
  32. Read one book a month
  33. Bake cakes with Erin again
  34. Learn more slow cooker dishes
  35. Give Blood
  36. Create a pudding from the fruit in the garden
  37. Video Skype friends further away, once a month
  38. Meet more photographers
  39. Visit South Bank for street photography
  40. Attend SWPP or Focus
  41. Feature on a Wedding blog
  42. Reach 500 likes on my Facebook Page
  43. Pose nude for a life drawing
  44. Re-edit my wedding video on the iMac
  45. Work out Twitter and use it regularly
  46. Photograph my Mum & Dad
  47. Get a beautiful big house plant and keep it alive
  48. Watch a Ballet at the theatre
  49. Take the kids to London
  50. Watch Lion King at the theatre with Jake & Erin
  51. Find a local framing supplier
  52. Do some commercial/corporate photography
  53. Choose images for my black and white staircase gallery
  54. Print large images for new living room
  55. Give up Nicolites (I quit smoking in March 2010)
  56. Throw out some clothes and give the ok ones to charity
  57. Take part in another run for a good cause
  58. Empty the boot of my car
  59. Get a new tattoo
  60. Photograph all Casey Grandchildren together
  61. Buy another external hard drive
  62. Get business cards printed
  63. Approach a stranger Iā€™d like to model in a shoot
  64. Do a 365 project
  65. Do a Nifty Fifty (50/50/50) project
  66. Learn how to use illustrator
  67. Teach James how to use Photoshop
  68. Make another Stop Motion but make it longer and better
  69. Feature in a Magazine
  70. Get a dog
  71. Write reviews for products I have and love
  72. Ask for reviews/testimonials on my work
  73. Put together a portfolio of my work
  74. Read a business book
  75. Finish the Photography books I got for Christmas
  76. Shoot & Edit a short movie with my son
  77. Help it go viral (will make his day!)
  78. Go boxing twice a week for a full month
  79. Visit Bermuda with James where he was born
  80. Sort through my filing cabinet
  81. Go on a another camera exploration with Erin with her in the lead
  82. Cook dinner for my Mum and Dad
  83. Take Gill (MIL) to a spa
  84. Cancel all my paper bills that I have access to online
  85. Organise my PC & Hard Drive
  86. Set up administrative worksheets
  87. Paint a Picture
  88. Buy a new TV
  89. Make a bed sheet den with the kids
  90. Grow a massive sunflower
  91. Write a marketing plan
  92. Scout 6 new Life Style shoot locations
  93. Watch a War movie with James
  94. Advertise on a wedding blog
  95. Buy props for a photobooth
  96. Go to the Olympics
  97. Not be the last mummy to pick up my 5 year old from after school club
  98. Choose a conservatory
  99. Shoot in a different country
  100. Submit and image to a competition
  101. Take a jump and land it (no matter how small) wake-boarding

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