Happy New Year!!

I’m going to be posting up a couple of blogs in the next few days to say a very fond farewell to 2012, it’s been pretty crazy in an awesome kind of way!

The first thing I wanted to share with you is a short video with one image from every wedding I had or 2nd shot last year. I have spent today in my pjs on the sofa after a 2am bedtime and 8am get up, putting together the pics, I thought it would be too hard to pick a few so set myself they challenge of 1 that made me smile. I can’t express enough how much I’ve loved every single wedding. From spring to winter weddings, civil partnerships, Indian, Vintage, DIY and tattooed inspired, they are all ace. Big love to Claudia Rose Carter, Jeni Davis and two rather lovely ladies Eliza Claire and Julia West who I regularly 2nd shoot for.

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