You’ve just gotten married, committed to your favourite human for the rest of your life. The morning has gone from nerves and excitement and back again. You’ve walked up the aisle said your vows and back down the aisle again. Been hugged and kissed and showered in love by all your people. Now is the time for some quiet one on one with each other, oh yeah and me, but I’m not really “there”!

I love this part of the day. Well I love all parts of the day, it’s why I’m here. I just remember it from my own wedding how quickly the day went, you spend so much time chatting to everyone, eating and drinking and somehow not seeing much of each other. When we take a moment away and have a breather you get to see each other for the first time alone(ish) since saying “I Do”.

We go off for a little wander, you two get to chat and talk about the day so far, and of course how damn fine each other looks, whilst I capture your connection quietly in the background.

To all my couples far and wide, up and down the country and beyond, thank you so much for being so awesome.


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