Every December I put together a post compiled of all the incredible weddings I’ve photographed over the previous 12 months. They are normally titled “Best of…” or *name of year* “you were awesome”… words to that effect anyway. 2020 has left me confused and bewildered a LOT. I just spent the last few hours going through the wonderful weddings and family sessions I was able to capture and they made me smile so much. However, rather than a huge celebration, I’m opting for a friendly goodbye to 2020: Best Wishes, Warmest Regards and not least because I’m on my 3rd run through of Schitt’s Creek, my comfort blanket series.

2020 has been unbelievably eye-opening, emotional (good and bad) and outright inspiring. I’ve gone from protective mamma bear in early March, literally all could focus on was having all my “kids” home for lockdown and that we had enough food! Right through to embracing every single moment of joy no matter how small it may seem. I’d also like to thank the glorious mother nature for the summer that was the longest ever. My couples, you are a total inspiration… the changes you made whether it was a complete rearrangement or diversifying your plans to have your wedding go ahead this year… you are bloody awesome.

Somehow down the pandemic line I feel like I’ve forged stronger friendships, a more solid marriage and an appreciation for the things I have now, rather than things I’ve strived for in the past. DEEP Hannah! I know but hey I’m an impulsive over sharer and the verbal spew has begun. I literally cannot wait to get back to shooting weddings properly again, I really can’t. Having an enforced sabbatical of sorts I have been to the beach so much this year… my paddle boarding is my therapy, the sea and the zen has warmed my soul. I’ve decorated both my daughters bedrooms, my bathroom, including copper leafing the bath (I do not recommend it haha!) and stencilling the floor. I have walked, ran, cycled and lifted weights through the long uncertain days. We spent months with our eldest and his girlfriend who moved in with us for lockdown, time we may never have had if they’d just finished Uni normally. Our family gained the cutest most affectionate kitty, Astrid, who has brought us all even more love. The community spirit has almost floored me some days, faith in humanity is fully restored and I just want to say, well done to you all, we have made it through every day so far and we are still going. I am crossing everything and will happily dance in the rain in some kind of juju positive vibe seance if it means a more relaxed 2021 with less restrictions…. for now I shall hug you from a safe and virtual 2m distance.

Oh and if you made it this far… on 26th April 2020 our wedding anniversary, we renewed our wedding vows in our back garden. We walked up the garden to Erin strumming Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars on her guitar (we walked down the aisle at our wedding to it!). James and I wrote our own vows, Jake and Erin wrote poems and Mila sang a song she made up and it was just the best day ever. We decorated the garden with streamers and all got dressed up, having something to focus on and enjoy was a total delight in the height of lockdown v1. Tears and smiles all round. Kirsty, Jake and Erin then cooked us a 3 course meal and set up an outdoor cinema for us with True Romance playing our fave film. Just perfect.

Best wishes, warmest regards….. x

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