2021 has had many incredible, beautiful and heartwarming moments in between the days and nights fraught with worry about what is going to happen next. Through all of it I have had the opportunity to some days do my job, others not. There’s been more rearranging of weddings, more soldiering on through no matter the restrictions and above all more love and determination from each and every one of my couples.

When I wrote last year’s round up blog post I’ve gotta say, there was no chance I had any idea how the following year was going to pan out. I definitely wouldn’t have put bets on what did happen! I actually read through that post just this week and I’m not going to lie, I wept a little… how are we still here?

With the hardships that the yoyo-ing of rules and restrictions brought, I’ve clung onto the moments of joy that each wedding has presented. Each hug, each belly laughter, the sideways glances and the hand squeezes. How lucky I am to witness and photograph these connections at weddings and with families. From the Lake District to London, the diversity of weddings this year from micro to grand, mountains to back gardens has been a total delight.

What a ride!

You can see it in all it’s glory below, turn it up and hit play…

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