Every now and then it’s good to take photos just because, not because I’ve been asked or hired to do so but because I want to stretch my creative mind and have a play!! So back in October myself and 4 other photographers got together and hired the Beltcraft Studios in London. I’m a little bit in love with the place. The are nooks and crannies and lots of props and furniture to play around with. Initially I was spoiled for choice and overwhelmed by what I could do but I soon got into the flow. We had 3 couples and a Chloe to move around the studio throughout the day.

Here are some of my favorites from my time with Chloe:

Beltcraft-Studios-Photographer-Chloe-Morley_001 Beltcraft-Studios-Photographer-Chloe-Morley_002 Beltcraft-Studios-Photographer-Chloe-Morley_003 Beltcraft-Studios-Photographer-Chloe-Morley_004 Beltcraft-Studios-Photographer-Chloe-Morley_005 Beltcraft-Studios-Photographer-Chloe-Morley_006 Beltcraft-Studios-Photographer-Chloe-Morley_007 Beltcraft-Studios-Photographer-Chloe-Morley_008

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