Pregnancy birth photography northampton image

I’ve been thinking about putting this out there for some time, so I decided to do it properly and write a blog post about why I want to do it. I’d really love to photograph a birth. Birth is undoubtedly one of the most incredible experiences of your life. I’m fortunate enough to not only have given birth myself twice to two amazing children but I was also with my sister during the labour of my nephew and trained as a Doula in 2007… my daughter was only 12 months old then and although I supported two women as a Doula, one during birth and the second postnatally I decided to wait to take on anymore clients until my own children were much older.

Pregnancy birth photography northampton image In 2012, I travelled to Uganda with my Mum to volunteer in a pregnancy crisis centre, a life changing experience, I can’t wait to go back again. So you might say I am a very maternal person.

As a wedding photographer I get to capture the frequently dubbed “best day of your life” and it is always an absolute privilege… I never tire of it, I love meeting new people, learning about their stories, how they met, their traditions and be a part of the laughter and love.

birth newborn photography northampton imagePhotographing people is my passion, I photograph babies in their mother’s bump and in their first few weeks of life, as they grow older or have siblings. To photograph a baby entering this world feels to me the last piece of the puzzle. Your face when you meet your baby for the first time, their little fingers curled around yours as you hold them for the first time after nurturing them inside you for 9 months, caught forever in beautiful, natural pictures. Unobtrusive, quietly capturing in the background.

birth newborn photography northampton image

I am absolutely committed to being able to do this for a family and therefore as my wedding season draws to a close for 2014 I am looking for one or two families/couples that would like a birth photographer in Northamptonshire or the surrounding areas. In this instance I am offering my time for free, if your due date is between 16th November 2014 and 16th February 2015, then I’d love to hear from you.

birth newborn photography northampton image

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