There have been a few things recently that have had my thoughts back in Uganda, how I miss it, how I miss Ezra, the totally different culture and how I desperately want to return. It started with Top Gear’s 2 part special in Uganda… seeing the craziness of Ugandan life again, people selling anything and everything to you on the streets, Lake Victoria, those foam beds!

I was also asked in a photography group, if money was no object what would I love to photograph, just one thing… for me I’d love to travel the third world and photograph anything and everything… raise awareness, volunteer where I could. Then this morning someone shared a link to a photographer who had spent 18 months travelling the world to photograph children and their most prized possessions and it reminded me of the day I visited a small orphanage out in one of the remote villages. The children were all laughing because the smallest was petrified of me the Muzungu (white person) and the only toy in sight was a ball made from carrier bags.

This second image was in another village whilst visiting the family of one of the girls Wakisa had sponsored back into education. As we pulled up outside the house there were four children playing on this one battered old bike… the fourth child is hiding up by the trees!

I ended up re-visiting the children of uganda that we met from all over… the slums, the villages, a school run by a church and then of course little Ezra who I miss immensely… I know I will return to Uganda to volunteer again, I just hope I get to see Ezra when I do. I put together this video with images and footage:

If you would like to help out in anyway for my next lot of fundraising or sponsoring my flights to return, please do get in touch

Some great news from Wakisa Crisis Pregnancy Centre, they’ve finally got the planning permission to build the bigger dormitory… again they will be needing as much help and donations with this as possible.

Thanks for reading, as always, H.x

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