If you are planning a wedding right now you’ll no doubt understand how hard making decisions on certain things can be. I absolutely loved planning my wedding but that was almost 6 years ago now and I think wedding planning was much simpler back then. There is so much choice now, not to mention the realisation over the years that you don’t have to conform to the norm. So what can I do to help? Firstly I want to talk about how to make the right decision when it comes to choosing and booking your wedding photographer.


Photography used to be another box to tick on a list of to-do for wedding planning but it is much more than that now. Photography is massively important, it saddens me to know so many people that regret their decision when it came to choosing a photographer. They might have picked him/her because she was local, or their parents booked them, or they were cheap or a friend had a decent camera so they took the photos. What I want you to do is choose a photographer who’s work you have poured over and love, you smile when you look at their website, blogs, slideshows, albums or whatever, but they make you think “wow, I’d love to know what they could do for my wedding”

Whether you plan your wedding in a couple of weeks, months or years, you will put your heart and soul into every detail big or small. Your photographer’s job is to encapsulate every single essence of what you dreamed your wedding would be. I’m not just talking about the flowers, the shoes and the décor. I’m talking about the emotion. You should look back at your photos and relive your day with each page turn of your album, the tears, the laughter and even the little things you totally forgot happened.

How can you be sure to achieve all this?


  • Don’t get hung up on “types” of photography, although yes some photographers describe themselves as “reportage” or “fine art” not everyone understands these differences, the best way for you to know what style you like is to look at their work. If you peruse my website you will see a mix of reportage and editorial type images which is candid “in the moment” photography and also directed/posed couple portraits. You’ll see that a lot of photographers cover a few styles and some photos you have pinned as “natural” might be completely posed… just posed well 😉
  • First up, do a bit of stalking… not in the criminal sense, but get online and hunt for some photographers whose work makes you smile. Check their facebook page, their website and their blog… give them a google and see if they are on any wedding blogs, often the Bride or Groom do a write up to go with their wedding feature, it will give you a good idea on how the photographer works.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends who have already married. Don’t just take their word for it though, photography is subjective, what one might think is a wonderfully captured day someone else may disagree. Once you have the recommendations do the stalking bit!
  • Look outside of your local area, most photographers I know travel up and down the UK and some even abroad you aren’t limited to those on your doorstep.
  • Ok so now you have it nailed, you’ve found 2 or 3 photographers’ work that you really like, what next? Emails are great, they’re quick and to the point; are they available for your date… OR even better, pick up the phone and give them a call. Most photographers have their phone number on their website. Actually conversing with the photographers will give you that first insight into their personality because level-pegging with the quality of their work, it is vital that you like your photographer.  Spending 8hrs+ with someone outside of your family/friend unit on the best day of your life will be much easier and more relaxed if you think said person is an all round good egg.
  • Which leads me onto the next step; meet with your photographer. I know lots of photographers and not everyone meets with their photographer before booking, it’s not absolutely necessary, but if you are still undecided after the aforementioned stalking and talking, try a face to face meeting, you’ll soon know after this who is the right photographer for you.
  • Whether it’s by phone or face to face, have a really good chat about your wedding day. We love weddings, we love to hear about your plans, how you met, where you want to get married. Talk about the expectations you have of your wedding photographer, and vice versa the photographers will talk to you about how they work.
  • During these conversations if the photographer hasn’t already said please do ascertain the following: Do they have they a disaster recovery plan eg back up equipment? What if they are struck down with norovirus on the morning of your wedding? Are they insured? Do they have a contract? These things are rare but can happen, it’s important to know that your photographer has them covered!
  • Be honest and open with your short-listed or ultimate favourite photographer. Stay in touch and let them know if you are still interested but undecided, or if you are waiting for payday to put down the initial payment. This way they can let you know if someone else enquires for your date. Staying in touch might just save you losing out on your 1st choice. Good photographers do get booked up quickly.
  • Finally if your favourite wedding photographer is booked for your wedding date, then quick ring your venue and change the date!! Only joking, speak to the photographer and ask if they can refer you to someone else. Us photographer types are in a huge network and we know other ace photographers.

There are some cool wedding blogs out there with tips on choosing the right photographer so you don’t just have to take my word for it. Check out this article on Offbeat Bride and how NOT to choose your photographer on huffington post and of course if you have any more questions please do drop me a mail or give me a call. I also know a really good place for homemade CAKE, let’s meet and eat 🙂


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