I was so excited for this wedding having visited the Lakes a few years ago and falling in love with the green, the mist and the waterfalls. When Heather and Steve first contacted me I knew I was going to make this into a holiday as well as work! As per Lake District standard the forecast was shall we say… very wet! So when we actually managed a relatively dry welcome drinks and all the photos (some even with some glowing sun through the clouds!) we were all pleasantly surprised.

The Mountain Cottages at the Coppermines was an utterly breathtaking sight. Everywhere I turned was pure natural beauty at it’s finest and a couple who frankly were amazing… my new power couple goal, two of the most incredible people who started their day with a wild swim in the lake. 

What a totally brilliant day! Who doesn’t love a dog in a tuxedo and a Ceilidh band? Some previews as I sit up in bed this morning looking at the green hills through the window:

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