I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia first back in October last year and have formed a great business and pleasure relationship with her! Her photography is amazing and her passion and drive inspiring.

James (my husband) and I went for lunch with Claudia and Gary (her partner in crime of Marshal Gray Photography) a couple of weeks ago. After much food, cosmopolitans and wine, Claudia took James and I for a wander around central london for a mini couple shoot session (number 23 of my 101 in 1001).

It is rather odd being on the other side of the lens for a change but as we relaxed some more it was loads of fun and definitely an experience to repeat!

The best thing of all is now I have some gorgeous shots of James and I… something that as you can imagine as a Photographer myself, is a rarity.

I’m really looking forward to 2nd shooting a civil partnership with Claudia in May 🙂

Here are a selection of my favourites from the shoot… James braving it while I end up giggling outside this cafe!



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