Today I went across to East Devon, it’s signs boast “area of outstanding natural beauty”…. and I captured one of the most natural beauties of mankind… the growing of new life.

A super quick maternity shoot of my best friend and her baby bump, who’s wedding I captured just a year ago in Sherborne, Dorset (you can see that awesomeness here).

37 weeks – an ODE to Growing grug

You have your ticket now to the club
It’s pretty cool in here, we stay up all night
Talk jibberish because our brains are mush
Love and oxytocin wave after wave, rush after rush.

No silly, not that kind of club
It’s one you join when you first do that test
Nausea and excitement overwhelm you
Your heart beating into your chest

You’ve done it!!
You’ve successfully gotten impregnated
Top job to you both, good S.E.X skills
You’ve reproduced and procreated

You’re making a little human all of your own
It’s cells split rapidly time after time,
Going from weird little alien head
To a little tiny baby, using your belly as a home.

You sit and imagine what little Grug will look like
First you choose all your best features from him and from you
Then roll around laughing as you imagine
Your long neck, his chest hole and bandy legs too.

None of it matters as you grow that child
Tucked up and safe in your womb
A body inside your body almost ready to meet
As it grows bigger and bigger with not much more room.

A message for your miniature being;
We cannot wait to meet you for the very first time
A piece of your mum and some of your dad
Not long little one, until we can see your little round face
I’ve no doubt you’ll not just be brilliant, you’ll be all kinds of ace!

Pregnancy photograph in devon next to the stream pregnancy photograph of woman smiling in buttercups

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