Back on a super sunny but very chilly day in February, I met up with Greg, Liz and their family. They booked in for a relaxed and natural family shoot with me on West Bay beach in Dorset. If you’ve followed my work for even the smallest amount of time, you’ll know that I love these types of family sessions. The children usually relax pretty quickly into it and I love it once their personalities start to shine through during the session.

There’s no “say cheese” for the camera on my family shoots, it’s pure moments and fun. I usually brief the family to start with, there are no strict rules, if the kids go rogue, let them go rogue, it makes their character shine through in the images. Well James (8) fully embraced that, he loved busting the moves. Likewise, Mary shone through with her cute shyness and contentment playing with the rocks.

This is what their shoot looked like…

Dorset family photography outdoor portrait image Family photography Dorset image west bay dorset family photographer image

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