I’ve been watching the rapeseed growing from the tiniest little sprouts over the last few weeks whilst walking my pooch Rocco. I’d also started planning an attempt to get some nice family pictures for myself, so after a quick recce on this morning’s walk I text James and told him that today was the day we were all going up armed with my 5DmkII, a tripod, the kids and even Rocco for some shots!

So after the school run off we all went, it was cloudy but sunny and UK Weather website promised me it would stay that way from 4pm… it didn’t… hale stones and rain descended, but we’d done most of the shots by the time it did. We barely saw the dog as he quite enjoyed charging up and down the tractor tracks or springing like a gazelle through the field.

Photographing yourself with your family with a tripod is not the easiest task!! however, here they are in all the bright yellow glory! if you’d like a family or couple shoot in the country (or anywhere else for that matter!) then give me a shout.

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