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You love music, being surrounded by all your friends, the grass between your toes and loads of chilled out fun. A festival wedding either on location at one of the South West’s finest festival style venues OR in your back garden is the perfect choice for your wedding day.

You’re sociable and laid back, you love colour, possibly a spot of glitter, LOADS of laughter (sometimes even at yourselves). Your wedding is a day to have all your favourite humans together in one place at the same time to celebrate and party.

If this is totally your jam, then you and I need to talk because I love nothing more than capturing a laid back festival style or back garden wedding… they just FIT perfectly with my relaxed and fun style of shooting. The photos will be awesome, they’ll be so “you”.

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Hannah is a brilliant lady! She is super cool, her pics are gorgeous and I’m so so glad we booked her for LoveSmash – she really got our vibe and the photos are full of life and colour (much like our wedding).

Franki & Rob

relaxed and colourful back garden wedding in devon

Katie & Ryan got married in Katie’s parents garden in Devon and it was full of colour and laughter! They had a wonderful humanist ceremony conducted by their friend having had the legal ceremony the day before at Haldon Belvedere Castle.

Alternative farm wedding with an outdoor humanist ceremony

Amy & Duncan held their festival tipi wedding in Duncan’s parents back garden on their farm. A beautiful outdoor humanist wedding ceremony, including their much loved Frenchie Horace. You can view their blog post here

It was an absolute pleasure to have you as our photographer. Not only are you fantastic at your job you have been incredibly friendly from the first time we met and we don’t think anyone would of made us feel as comfortable as you have. Match made in heaven I think. Thanks for enjoying the day with us. X

Fred & Will

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If you’re not getting married in a church before your festival wedding party or at a registry office and you want to have a full ceremony on your festival wedding day, then who is going to conduct that ceremony? If you’ve done the “legal bit” then really the choice is totally yours! How cool is that? I’ve captured weddings where a friend has conducted a beautiful ceremony and others that have hired a humanist to lead the ceremony for them. Both being wonderful and personal, a friend knows you and if they are a great and trustworthy public speaker then this is a lovely choice, likewise a celebrant will work with you both to find out lots about you to put a personal spin on your ceremony, making your family and friends smile as they talk about your relationship and your quirks.
Finally, you can also have a member of your family perform the role, Lucy & Patrick did just that with their Aunt. 


Things to consider when planning an outdoor ceremony are the UK law limitations. So here in the UK we have to be legally married under some sort of fixed structure, weird huh? (and said structure needs the appropriate license). There are venues with gorgeous options but there aren’t very many. Quite a few venues put together something especially for outdoor ceremonies this can mean you aren’t properly seen by the guests, you’re either in a doorway and they are all outside looking in, or you are under a fixed structure such as a wooden gazeebo (this can be hit or miss, some do look like something you nanna bought in B&Q).


How do you have a legal wedding without a license or structure? You want to marry in your garden, on a cliff or a field on your farm? Have the legal ceremony before hand. It’s non-conventional, but that’s how we like it right? Maybe the day before or a few weeks before, you decide! Once you’ve legally tied the knot, you can have whatever ceremony you want, when and where you want it. Many of my couples choose this route, break free from constraints and rock their wedding days exactly how they dreamt it would be. You can make the legal bit small and intimate with just witnesses at a registry office OR you can have a double wedding like Katie & Ryan who hired Haldon Belvedere the day before their wedding in Katie’s parents garden.


You love Glastonbury or both met over a shared love of Latitude… maybe you simply want all your people together and staying over in a relaxed, summer vibe…. so to camp or not to camp?
Some venues have a glamping facility with bell tents or yurts, if you’re hosting on your farm or in your garden, you can actually hire bell tents (there’s usually a minimum order). Failing that, you can keep it simple and guests can rock up and pitch up themselves.
If you don’t have you’re own space for a mini camping field, speak to neighbours/farmers with land around you and see what you can negotiate.


Let’s face it… at the wedding planning stages, we really cannot predict what the weather is going to do. Even in the height of summer a wet day could be possible. Are we going to let that rain on our parade (figuratively speaking, that is!). Despite wanting to dance the night away under the stars, you need an under cover solution. You have a few options all of which work really well… good old marquee, it’s big, it’s dry inside and the sides come off to enjoy the outside inside and vice versa. Other ideas for something a little more festival-esque are Tipi marquees or even old fashioned big top style ones. Go forth and find your giant party tent.



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