Flo & Alex had the most heartwarmingly wonderful humanist ceremony at Wilderhope Manor.

The day started super laid back and welcoming and continued to stay like that throughout. Flo walked down the aisle with her mum and dad either side of her whilst Alex waited at the top of the aisle with both his parents. The ceremony began with hugs all round between all parents and Flo & Alex. Lead by the ridiculously lovely Maxine Beech the ceremony was warm and personal, after a handfasting, readings, their own written vows and a showering of confetti, Flo & Alex instigated a group hug in place of a group photo line up!

Flo & Alex had set up a chill out room with a turntable and selection of records of which guests could go choose to play as and when. Speeches were awesome from Flo’s mum and dad, Flo herself, Alex and Alex’s best people.

It was a shame to leave, especially as I was being coaxed into staying for drinks in return for a spare ombre blazer (those blazer *heart eyes*). Alas I had a long journey home and lots of images to back up safely!

Both welling up! It’s so incredible. Thank you SO SO much. So many little moments that I can now remember that would have vanished into the ether if it was for your hard work and creativity.


You can watch their fusion video below or keep on scrolling for images to view at your own pace… enjoy!

That is just ABSOLUTELY. FANTASTIC. Honestly it captures it so, so well. I worried for the few days after that I’d forgotten half the day, but the snippets of video bring it back completely!
I remember wondering if we really needed a photographer before we got in touch with you – without doubt finding you was one of the BEST things we did.

Thank you SO much.

Flo x”

Wilderhope Manor Humanist Wedding outside with ribbons bride and groom outside wilderhope manor

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