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Hannah, I’ve closed 2 weddings in the last 24hrs woohoo! I properly channelled your talk advice for one and was WAY more direct about them booking than normal and they just replied with “yes please” to me saying should I send over the stuff to get them booking in!!!!  

Andy Hudson

Oh HEY! this is me speaking at the Snap Photography Festival in 2019. If you’ve found me here it may well be because you’ve heard about my talk at Snap (or were there!). You’re a photographer too and you’d like to know more about how to sell yourself better to your target market of wonderful couples.


Selling yourself through

The Power Of Speech

We all use sales at some point in our days, whether it’s negotiating bedtime with a 2 year old, leaving subliminal messages for what you really want for your birthday or justifying a 4 night trip away on a jolly as “work” to your other half.

We are business owners; most of us are single person companies or sole traders. We are the Photographer, the Admin person, the Tea Maker, the Marketer, the Blogger AND we are Sales People. “Sales” is not a dirty word.

I’m not here to tell you to don a headset and cold call 100 people in a day to tout your wares. What I want to show you is that utilising sales skills will be profitable and positive for your business, without being too “salesy”

My aim is to enable you to be comfortable to sell yourself, in the right way to book the clients you can bounce off. Show you how to build a relationship in a small window of contact with potential clients using the right communication.


You might think that “sales” is a natural skill that some people have, but it isn’t. It is a learned behaviour from stepping widely out of your comfort zone.

Working in the IT industry for 12 years, I went from telemarketing at 19 years old and worked my way through the ranks into internal sales account management and an external sales consultant where I met regularly face to face with clients and conducted video conferencing demos. I got there by training, learning, repetition and eventually habit.

If you’re not overly confident with being a bit more business and the thought of picking up the phone brings you out in a hot sweat then I’ve got some tips and pointers on how to prep for these situations until it becomes more of a second nature to you.

It is my true belief that anyone with the right preparation can be a great sales person, especially when it is your own business, something that you are passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you are well established or new to the game, sales techniques will enable you to push your business further.

I closed a call with a booking later that same day!
She’s a bloody legend! 

Helen Lisk


One to one sessions will cover:

Initial review of all your communication content with potential clients, about me page and website

The fear of rejection

Website copy and being you

Banging contact form

Yay you’ve got an enquiry – email responses

What is negative language and how to avoid it

Owning your prices

Setting expectations

Phone call prep

Picking up the big bad phone (or levelling up to video)


Action plan tailored to your own business and YOU!


I can’t flipping wait to help you “do you” to the best you can.
You’ve already nailed the photography, now it’s time to shine your light to attract
and BOOK those couples that will love you fiercely!

“So how does it work and how much is this holy grail” you say?


The one to one is £250 and you can book today using this form. Once payment is received I will contact you for your entire communication process.
After I have conducted the initial review of this and your website we will set a date for the rest of the session. This can be done in person at my office or over live video chat.





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