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Fusion Videos


I’ve got just the ticket…

A fusion video is a slideshow made of both still photographs and snippets of video highlights. Each fusion is set to a fully licensed, carefully curated, music track and thus, your super-charged slideshow is born.

This delicious trio of ingredients is guaranteed to make that happy, love hormone, slap hard as it takes you back in time to re-live your day over (and over) again. The face glitter to your sequin jumpsuit, or the side of sticky Korean chicken tenders to your bowl of ramen. It’s the perfect little extra for fun-seekers, who live for the moment.

Sounds cool, right? It’s no wonder they are a firm favourite for couples. If you want to bring your images to life in a way that makes you cry, smile and laugh all at once, you need one of these!  Scooch a little further below to watch in all their glory.

“This is amazing! We’ve just watched it back to back several times, it’s like reliving the whole day. Super magical.

Thank you so much for putting this together, you’ve managed to capture so much emotion from everyone. It’s incredible.”

still photos fused with moving highlights

“Wow! Thank you so so much!

We are so incredibly happy! Absolutely love it so much.

I know we will enjoy watching this so often over the years.

We are over the moon, so beautiful”



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