Let’s talk…. I’m not even sure if it’s an elephant in the room, because literally everyone is talking about it.
can’t move without a spot of Corona virus chat and empty loo roll aisles (what is that about?!)

Mostly importantly… I have every intention in being there, I have been as excited about your wedding as you have and I cannot wait to photograph it. I’m fit and well and doing my utmost to stay that way, following the guidelines and due to the nature of how I run my business I spend the most part of my life in isolation already… working from home and watching Netflix (I realise I am making my job sound too easy!).

Should the dreaded lurgy infiltrate my bubble, I will do the responsible thing and fully isolate myself. As per my contract I will not leave you without a photographer on your day. We will have chatted about this before, I am very fortunate to have the most incredible network of super talented photographer friends and peers and we have always had each others back in a crisis. More so now than ever we are holding each other up through the uncertainty of what will or won’t happen, we are a strong community who will pick up our tools and hurry to help one another out should the need arise. One of said heroes will attend your wedding and shoot on my behalf then hand me the images to edit and continue the relationship with you.


So what are your options?

Scale down

If you are marrying in the next 8 weeks I imagine you’ve been a little worried and unsure what to do for the best. The UK Government advice is to carry on our lives with some added extra hygiene (never a bad thing). As long as we are careful and courteous to other humans than there may be no need to postpone your wedding day. I would strongly urge relatives at high risk should probably stay at home rather than attend your wedding. This is disappointing for them and you, but we don’t want to compromise their health. We will make sure we capture the day so they can feel it through the photographs and videos. There will be a little less kissing and handshakes but there’s no reason why your wedding won’t be the incredible day you had planned.

You may have seen summer festivals and sporting events postponing, these are decisions the organisers have made due to the scale of the events. Currently our government is not putting the kibosh on social gatherings. Most of the weddings booked in with me are sub 150 guests this is considered relatively small in a gathering stakes.  Heck if you really wanted to you could cut right back and have that super cute UK elopement.


Since we are not to shake hands anymore,
I propose we curtsey and bow
as they did in the times of Jane Austen.

Gender is irrelevant, whosoever bows first,
the other must curtsey in return

Let the greetings begin


Going ahead as planned? take some extra care to look after your guests, the hospitality industry is already on the ball with extra frequent cleaning, more hand wash and sanitisers etc, you know the cute little baskets couples often put in toilets at weddings? throw in a couple of extra sanitisers there too. And get your curtsey on.




Your other option is to postpone the wedding, check out some autumn dates for later in the year, maybe consider a weekday wedding to help with rebooking. Check your contracts with suppliers. Speak to your wedding insurance first, then your venue and your photographer to check dates. I am more than happy to reschedule dates as long as I have availability and I will carry across any monies paid to the new date.

If you are considering this then reschedule sooner rather than later so that everyone knows where they stand. We are all in this together, I want you to be happy. You may be postponing due to overseas friends and family not being able to make it or if a UK lockdown (unlikely! but I’m no expert) does happen or because you are high risk or members of your close family are. All reasons are valid. You and all of your suppliers have all invested time into making your wedding a wonderful day of celebration so stay in touch. I will be setting up an online calendar for available dates for the remainder of 2020, let me know if you would like me to send it across.


A final note

Try not too get swept away with the constant updates from the media, it can be a very dark place at the best of times. Switch off a bit, unfollow news pages and just check in once a day or every other day. The suggestions I have outlined above are for exceptional unforeseen circumstances and in fact most of you will have no disruptions at all to your wedding plans. Weddings have stood the test of time for centuries and I am certain you will have an absolute ball. I am here if you want a chat, give me a call.

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