A couple of weeks back, I met up with these two nutters for their pre-wedding shoot! I had SUCH a good time, they made me laugh, purely with their laughter. Absolutely loved how the bounced off each other (not literally I might add!) and Jon was a proper gent carrying my mini step ladder around the countryside despite my protests (I’m somewhat vertically challenged so sometimes use a ladder in fields to achieve the angle of a few of the shots below).

It was a really lovely evening and I had Laura & Jon sitting amidst forget-me-nots, dancing in rapeseed and giggling by the stream… doesn’t get much more country than that!

Really looking forward to capturing their wedding this July!!

Thanks so much! These are brilliant… You’re awesome x Love someone who I can talk spots, bogies and poo to in our first meeting! Always knew we’d made the right decision, 100% confirmed this evening xxx

Country-Couple-Shoot-2 Country-Couple-Shoot-1 Country-Couple-Shoot-3 Country-Couple-Shoot-5 Country-Couple-Shoot-6 Country-Couple-Shoot-7 Country-Couple-Shoot-8 Country-Couple-Shoot-9 Country-Couple-Shoot-10 Country-Couple-Shoot-11 Country-Couple-Shoot-12 Country-Couple-Shoot-13 Country-Couple-Shoot-14 Country-Couple-Shoot-15 Country-Couple-Shoot-16 Country-Couple-Shoot-17 Country-Couple-Shoot-19 Country-Couple-Shoot-18

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