The important ones…

We all need them, let’s just not go wild!
Group shots are the ones that you look back on in years to come, the last time you were all together with your grandparents and that lovely shot of you with your siblings for your mum & dad.
They won’t necessarily be the ones on your wall but they hold so much sentimental value and history.


I usually advise around 5 group shots after the ceremony and that you go for the immediate family ones first. This enables older relatives to go get a seat sooner. This covers enough for all the crucial family set ups plus a full wedding party shot.


On my day in detail form (which you get 4 weeks before the wedding) I ask for a helper from both sides, someone that will know great aunt Mabel when I’m reeling off the shot list. It really speeds up the process and means you can all get to the welcome drinks quicker!

The inbetweenies

They are the moments in between the line up and the formal photo. The documentary, casual and natural shots that make you smile. I carry on shooting at these moments because they can be golden. Try and be relaxed and don’t take it too seriously.


Don’t worry if the toddlers be toddling… their free spirit adds another dimension of personality to a photograph. Children sometimes take time to warm up to the camera, this is totally normal and OK. Don’t press them too much to perform they just dig their heels in!! We have a full day to get a photo with them, it will happen.


Once at the reception venue (or after couple portraits if at the same venue), I suggest creating some friends group shots, the bridesmaids & groomsmen and any other favourites you want involved. We can make something fun and relaxed and have a good giggle.


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