Well, if you’re reading then that means you are onboard the new Casey Avenue website… it’s pretty amazing if you ask me! Massive shout out to the very patient Gary @ Satellite Design for taking my garbled ideas and in the most part very vague briefs and producing such a wonderful platform for me to showcase my work and share my thoughts. Thank you.

Please do take some time to meander on through my pages, there is a lot to see so feel free to come back and visit again. I will be updating galleries regularly and blogging about sessions too. So grab yourself a cuppa, maybe a biscuit, pop your feet up and take a break.

I am focussed and passionate about what I do, so when a Photographer friend told me about her 101 list I knew I had to write one too… firstly, I love a good list and secondly I am down with the writing of goals too, there’s a sure fire way of achieving things you want from life and that is to set a target and write it down… an even better way to achieve them is to share, so if you haven’t already check out my 101 in 1001 oh and while we’re on the subject I do believe I have now completed number 6, 11, 16 & 61… well that’s a refreshing start to a Monday 🙂

I thought I would share a few of images to tell you something about me….

Maybe one day my fridge will look like a proper grown-ups, all organised and tidy! Note the lack of wine, well it is Monday!

PS, with it being early days with the site we are ironing out a few bugs, if you see anything please let me know!


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