This morning I opted into a task with a photography group. Normally it is a challenge to take a photograph or a collective of shots with a brief. Today it was to post an image that we found inspirational and explain why, the shot had to be one we hadn’t seen before so the net surfing commenced!

It didn’t take me long to find one to suit my thoughts. In October this year I am travelling to Uganda with my Mum to volunteer in a Pregnancy Crisis Centre. The centre takes in girls that have suffered violent and sexual abuse at the hands of family, acquaintances or soldiers. Some as young as 12 years old arrive there. Abortion is illegal in Uganda and girls die of septicaemia from back street operations. They are also unfortunately treated like second class citizens for being pregnant out of wed-lock and often outcast by their families. The centre counsels the girls, teaches them about motherhood and negotiates them back to their families where possible, they also have a sponsorship scheme that has seen many girls go onto further education to better their lives for the future.

So here is the inspirational image I found on the net this morning and an image I do hope I get to see for myself whilst working in Uganda this year…

Girls Laughing Photo, Uganda Picture – National Geographic Photo of the Day.

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