I’ve been so excited to share this wedding with you, not just because it was a destination wedding but because of every little part of the day that made it different. Lianne & Ollie had seen many friends get married over the last few years and felt there weren’t many of the local venues left for them to choose from! With that in mind they decided to marry in Sardinia. They were both super relaxed about the whole thing and everything on the day it made photographing an absolute joy. With that and Lianne’s three dress changes! (yes three!) I was in my element.

I met with them for lunch on the first day where we casually sipped diet coke and munched Italian pizza (rude not too!) outside a little restaurant on the main square in a little town called Pula. We talked about the plans for the next day, which to be honest were laid back and flexible and had a little recce of the island for their first look photos. I love the first look concept but have been yet to photograph one. For a little twist Lianne wore a tulle overskirt over her actual wedding dress which was beautiful… it threw everyone of the scent who were all imagining her in a fitted dress. After the first look on the balcony of their villa we hotfooted it to the beach before the ceremony in the town hall.

Another first for me was the chance to capture their wedding day in a photo/film fusion. A short slideshow that includes photos and snippets of film for movement during the day… so without further ado, the wedding of Lianne & Ollie Part One! you HAVE to watch this…

Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-001 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-002 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-003 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-004 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-005 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-006 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-007 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-008 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-009 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-010 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-011 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-012 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-013 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-014 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-015 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-016 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-017 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-018 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-019 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-020 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-021 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-022 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-023 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-024 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-025 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-026 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-027 Destination_Wedding_Photographer_Italy-028

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