When Jenny first got in touch with me and told me all about her plans I was super excited… “it’s in Norfolk, do you travel?” errrrr YES I do! I travel where ever the awesome weddings take me 🙂

Jenny really had a vision for her DIY village hall wedding and heck did she deliver. All the flowers in the hall were grown by Jenny’s mum… the colour was awesome! I arrived at their hotel for morning prep, both getting ready but in different rooms. Jenny was proudly showing me her sparkly sequin gold wedding dress and James was cool a cucumber with his best men.

A lovely church ceremony followed by lots of confetti and a sunny walk around the village. Rob’s family were all over from Spain and we were all served up the most delicious Paella and Churros for the wedding meal.

The speeches were great, the band were brilliant but my favourite bit of the day was the golden light that seeped through the trees at the bottom of the village playing field… it was a photographer’s dream! Jenny and James were so laid back and really put a stamp on their wedding day, a true act to follow for having your wedding day how you want it, not how you think you’re supposed to do it.

Watch their slideshow below (turn up the volume!) or keep on scrolling for images to peruse at your own pace!

“Wow – that’s brilliant!! We really enjoyed that – thanks for getting it ready as quickly as you did, it’s made us feel like we were getting married all over again! It looked so much fun!!”

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