A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and soon to be husband Jon. We met up at Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa, it was absolutely beautiful there! Sarah and Jon were so lovely to photograph, relaxed, smiley and tactile, made my job super easy!!

We had a good natter and wander about the gorgeous gardens, warmed up in the glass house (was a bit nippy when we first started!) and played in trees and on bridges.

Super excited to be photographing their wedding this September!

Some of my favourites from their pre-wedding shoot:

Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-1 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-2 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-3 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-4 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-5 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-6 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-7 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-8 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-9 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-10 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-11 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-12 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-13 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-14 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-15 Jephson-Gardens-Pre-Wedding-Photography-16

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