I’ve had an absolutely lovely weekend away with Big Daddy J…otherwise known as James my husband… he has taught our 5 year old to call him this!

We had lunch in Covent Garden with partners in crime… the beautiful Claudia Carter of Claudia Rose Carter Photography and Mr Lashmar of Marshal Gray Photography. We ate far too much before hitting the streets of London for Claudia to take some shots of James and I. Trafalgar square was rammed but I had to laugh as Gary laid on the floor to get shots of us amidst the crowds… I must confess it is very bizarre the first few shots but it was a good experience to see what it is like to be the client! They soon had us relaxed though and I cannot wait to see the photographs!

After our goodbyes, BDJ and I walked from Embankment down the waterside towards our hotel… which it turns out was quite a walk so we stopped at blackfriars for a pint! I took a few street shots on our walk and more in the morning before we got on the train home. I didn’t get as many as I’d have liked too… my fault for having the 3rd glass of wine at lunch and us generally all nattering the afternoon away!

Well that’s also number 23 done from the 101 list┬áto have a couple shoot done of James and I.

Then to feed my OCD and fascination with lines and textures I have these little beauties…

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