It’s your face.

I’m just going to level with you here, your face is YOUR face. You’ve had it all your life and every single person you’ve met has watched your face as you speak, as you laugh and as you cry. They have watched you animate with your eyebrows, your eyes sparkle and your mouth smile.

Do you know who knows every facial expression you own? (besides the people that gave you the genes for it!)…
that person you’re about to marry.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror we pull one face, you know the one of optimum positioning, where your eyes are big, nose just so and your chin is behaving… the pretty expressionless one, with minimal crinkles. We might try and hide a crook tooth or a chubby nose. Yeah, you know you do something too. It’s the societal shit storm that’s been pumping into our brains for eons about how we should look. There’s another face I pull in the mirror and that’s the gormo one when I’m applying mascara (I can see you nodding). Oh and the hand applied facelift.

So there, that’s basically all we see of ourselves off our own steam. Not much is it? In comparison to what other people see when they look at us. Because then I reckon we are going into the tens possible hundreds of variations. Yes this includes the ones where you are HAPPY and laughing and everyone gets a chin when they do that raucous belly laughter…. embrace it! There’s one thing that it says to everyone else around you and that is pure JOY.

What am I saying here? Well it’s time for you to relax. To understand when we see a photo of ourselves it often feels like it doesn’t look like us, much the same as when you hear yourself speak on video for the first time. To everyone else they see it all and they see you. A beautiful photo is one full of smiles and happiness.

Enjoy your day and live safe in the knowledge that you will have some incredible photos for you and your family to enjoy for years and years of you having the best day of your life.

Not of you looking like an expressionless crinkle free perfume ad, that’s boring.

If you would like emotional, creative, fun-filled joyful photographs of your wedding day then give me a shout

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