Ok, so it’s been longer than I expected for me to announce this but I decided to move house ┬ásmack bang in the middle of my busiest month with Weddings yet! oops!

So apologies for the delay in announcing the winners of my Day in the Life comp. A little reminder, I asked you take take just one image to do with your day, something that is close to you, on your phone or with a camera and email it in preferably with a little story about why you took it.

The response was fab! Here are a selection of some of the images that were sent in…

As suspected there were a few crackers to choose from so I decided on some runners up!

Without Further Ado…

<drum roll please>

In 3rd place for the beautiful blued bubba from Mel: “My naughty mouse, full of beans, whilst mummy is exhausted after no sleep!!”

In 2nd Place for the awesome moment captured from Charlotte: “a picture of Sophie opening the one present she wanted more than anything in the world apparently this morning”

and in 1ST PLACE because of the raw honesty of the image and well deserved winning is Claire: “in the evening spending it relaxing in my little bedsit near the racecourse. I work 13 hour shifts as a psychiatric nurse and these hours spent lounging with a good book (currently Duff Mckagons biography) or a film or simply heaven! I will look back at this piccy and remember the rain lashing ‘gainst the window and how I must appreciate my days off :)”


1st Prize – Free shoot and a free high res, professionally processed digital image.

2nd Prize – 50% off a family/new life/couple shoot

3rd Prize – 25% off a family/new life/couple shoot

Thanks to all that took part, it was lovely to go through and have a peek into each persons day through their image.

H x

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