Firstly… I am actually sat in the garden typing this! how beautiful is it today… spring is in the air and the beconase is up my nose! I love spring even if I have to stock up on antihistamine and nasal spray it is such a happy time of year.

This morning I decided to take my camera on my errands. I took the kids to school and then on into Northampton town to visit some bridal shops. I was delayed somewhat and pulling up in my camper at any opportunity to take photographs of some things I have driven past so many times and thought “I’d like to look closer at that” or “I wish I had time to stop and take a picture” so I forced myself, even at the points where I drove past something and thought it would be good, shall I? shan’t I? I then about-turned, found somewhere safe to park and went and did it! JUST DO IT Hannah went through my head a few times!

So to begin with, the school run… My son is at senior school and daughter primary so I have a 5 minute wait or so sat in the van in the car park of a church before I walk Erin down to school and I have been watching this tree blossom over the last couple of weeks, it makes me smile…

Small homage to one of my best mates Ad…

This next place has been catching my attention for quite some time, can’t believe I’ve only just ventured in!

As you may have noticed, I am drawn to rust, worn labels, graffiti, brick walls and pretty flowers lol! what a combo!

I absolutely love photographing people… faces fascinate me and smiles warm my heart but today was very cool and definitely not the last time I do this. I hope you enjoy the shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Peace Out 🙂

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