I’m a Mum, I have 2 rather cool Walkeroos that make me smile often (and pull my hair out, but hey swings and roundabouts!) My Mum is also really rather awesome. One thing I have noticed, even before I was a photographer was that I am rarely in the pictures with my two and even less so in an image with my Mum.

So I’ve put together this video of some of the gorgeous Mum’s I’ve photographed in the last year and urge you to get involved! Mum’s, Aunts, Nans, Sisters, Wives… now is your time! (husbands, children and brothers, Gift Vouchers are available!) You can have a shoot with your children or one just for Mum!

Mother’s Day – 10th March 2013

That’s Me & My Mum there…. Without further ado…. an Ode to Mum’s

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