It is SO hard to decide what to do with your photos after a wedding or a photo shoot. If you’re anything like me, you want it all!! An album, frames on the wall etc. I didn’t realise quite how many frames we have up on the wall until the plumber said to me the other day “you like photos don’t you?” I of course explained it was also my job! However I’ve had pictures up since I’ve had my own house.

If you didn’t realise before, I can provide pretty much any product you may want to display your photos in. I am also happy for you to purchase a disc package and that gives you the license to print out your images to your hearts content. (discs come as standard with weddings). All I ask of you is to make sure you do get them on the wall, I’d also love to see photos of your Casey Avenue photos up! I keep all your photos for a minimum of 12 ¬†months (well so far I’ve not deleted any 3 years into the job, but I will need drive space soon!) so if you’ve had a shoot and haven’t done much with the images yet, get in touch

For a little inspiration, I’ve been shooting my clients products as they’ve been delivered to show you what you could do with your images. Yesterday I finally put it all together in one quick little clip….

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