You may have guessed already, but I LOVE a bump shoot. I just think it’s amazing that we can create life and grow and nurture a little human being in our tummies (yes “our”, as in women… aren’t we ace?!). Capturing this wonder woman power in photos to treasure forever is then in no doubt to me something extremely special, I feel honoured and excited all at the same time.

Often my bump shoots are the result of a gift from someone else to the expecting pair which I think is just such a beautiful gift to give, I certainly wish I had more bump photos of my pregnancies. When you’re pregnant and buying umpteen other baby things in preparation it can sometimes be hard to justify in your sensible brain… So to gift this to someone you know that is pregnant means they don’t have to feel guilty… personally I think it should be as much a necessity as a car seat and cot 😉

I really enjoyed Emma & Darrin’s pregnancy shoot, not least because they’re a total pair of nutters but because they still traipsed in the fields with me even though everywhere was wet and muddy! We started off inside and then ventured to the beautiful yellow fields of Broughton Village. I’m really very excited to meet Baby B.

Pregnancy Photography Northamptonshire imagePregnancy Photography Northamptonshire imagePregnancy Photography Northamptonshire image

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