My name is Hannah and I am guilty! I’m guilty of not printing my photos enough. I flipping take enough, but seriously what is the point if I’m not going to print them!! I have lots of wonderful ones up in frames around the house, ones I’ve taken myself or from shoots I’ve had with other photographers and I LOVE looking at them. But I still have so many not being seen, lonely and in the dark on hard drives or worse still, on facebook (the ruiner of all photo quality).

So there, I admit it. I am working hard to rectify this forthwith. I realise I don’t have to have everything framed on the wall, but even just prints in an album is better than floating in the abyss of my hard drives. My daughters have loved flicking through prints as I’ve spent the last 2 months ordering them. That feeling when they arrive in the post and bring back all those memories. Mila (almost 2) pointing out everyone she knows in each image or where we are “beach, beach mummy beach”. There really is nothing quite like it.

I have the wonderful task of adorning my newly renovated office walls with photos. I say wonderful, it’s a labour of love because which photos do you chose right?¬†Life changes and children grow, loved ones leave us, it’s so utterly important we all take heed and make some albums, buy some prints, have something designed.

I pledge to make an album before Christmas this year from the photos of when Mila was born (before she turns two!) and/or her first year…. poor kid is of the digital age. It’s not just children that change, our friends and families do too. Whether it’s a wedding photograph you never got around to choosing or a baby photo of your now not-so-baby… we are all guilty of it. Technology can and does fail. Prints and albums don’t just make your grannie smile, they make you smile too.¬†


What do you pledge?

To celebrate this pledge I am offering a BIG FAT FIFTY percent off prints and things from your online gallery if you’ve had a wedding captured by me or a family photo session

for 50% off, simply enter NIFTY50


*offer valid until 30th November

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