To begin describing Sarah & Jon’s Shropshire festival wedding…. well I can’ t even… who am I kidding, yes I can!!

I loved them both at their pre-wedding shoot, I knew their wedding was going to be a cracker. Sarah is an amazing jewellery designer and Jon is a graphic designer so I couldn’t wait for the visual delight that awaited me. Not only that but they were both so amazing, friendly, warm and funny that I knew I would feel right at home and enjoy every minute of it. Well I wasn’t disappointed!!

It threw it down with rain all morning on my journey to the gorgeous shrewsbury countryside and I was doing as much sun dancing as possible. By the time I reached the village the sun was out in full force. Not only that I had spotted a field full of hay bales and gorgeous scenery on the way to the bride, mental noted it thinking, well it’s not far I’m sure we could take a little 3 minute drive later!! On arriving at bridal prep I started to mention said field to Sarah, her response “oh YES! I’ve already cleared it with the farmer!!” Music to my ears!!

As you will see below Sarah has this incredibly radiant and infectious smile, Jon looked super dapper and well all their friends and family were just awesome. I’ve never laughed so hard at a wedding

Thanks so much for making me SO welcome, I loved it and love you guys… I think you should do it all again just for shits and giggles… and I will photograph it again haha!

Darling Hannah, we’re still in a utter whirlwind bubble and promise to be properly in touch on our return from honeymoon but just a quick message to say that you utterly rocked it on Saturday for us. We simply could not have asked for a more perfect photographer to come and capture our day. Really from what we’ve seen from the previews, you have absolutely understood what we’re about and your talent for capturing a ‘moment’ completely shines through! Our guests have been utterly complimentary … especially the other photographers amongst them so we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you and high five from a very contented Mr & Mrs Shakespeare 🙂 xxx

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