Scott and Heather, what can I say?! If there were ever a lesson on how to embrace the great British weather on your wedding day then this was it! A stunning outdoor ceremony at Shillingstone House in Dorset accompanied by many an umbrella and all the love.

What an incredible day and the most amazing bunch of people for Heather and Scott to celebrate with too. I always thought the old saying of rain being good luck on your wedding day was to placate people who got rain on their wedding day! Turns out (and thanks to the MUA who told me this at a previous wedding) it actually stems from “Tying the Knot’ – a wet rope is hard to untie therefore rain on a wedding day symbolises an unbreakable marriage. It is also linked to a cleansing of tough times and sadness. After the teariest speeches (of which the rain was no match for!) I like to think that this is true for Scott & Heather who have had 11 years together already and will go on to a long and joyful life together through all their adversities. The care and love between these two knows no bounds and the force of their everlasting friendships and sibling connections was overwhelmingly admirable. 

A wet, windy, wild and wonderful day for two humans that deserve all the happiness. Some previews for now…


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