and I’ll tell you why! They happen all the time, I’ve witnessed them (like literally been a witness), photographed them, saw the emotions, the absolute downright joy and above all else, the LOVE… you can feel it! (feeling a bit Elton John right now, yeah you’re humming it too).

Some of these weddings, having them small or micro was their original plan and more recently it was case of diversifying plans to fit in with government regulations. You will see a mixture of these weddings spanning the last few years in this post.

It’s looking like large weddings are a total no-go now until March 2021… this could change as we know, but your guess is as good as mine. What happens after that is a mystery. You may have had a wedding booked in or recently engaged and looking to plan one for the unpredictable future. So here are some tips and hints about planning a small or micro wedding.

planning your petite wedding

The possibilities are still pretty endless even with the guidelines and limitations on numbers. Lots of my couples opted for a legal ceremony this year and the party when they’re allowed. That legal ceremony can be at a registry office, town hall or a place of worship. Currently the government website says you can have up to 15 people attend a marriage or a civil partnership. Time to cherry pick some of the absolute most important humans in your life, there’s some great tips on reducing wedding numbers over on Rock My Wedding. A great opportunity to safely let go of family politics and those guest you only invited because you felt obliged to do so. If you’re going for the full 15, it’s worth checking with your venue what their capacity can allow. The guidelines have seemed to be interpreted differently by different counties or venues too so take note of what yours say. Small wedding guidelines

Alternatively grab yourself some witnesses and elope! I know for some, choosing that 15 will be too hard so why not go get yourselves married in a romantic secret runaway.

The beauty of already being legally married is that when you can throw the big knees up (should you want to)… You really aren’t confined to the marriage laws of the UK. You can have a big party or go the whole way and have a blessing conducted by a celebrant, family member or close friend.

More perks of a small wedding day

Time to throw away the wedding expectation rule book! This should be done with every wedding anyway, check out my Smashing Patriarchal Wedding Traditions article for more ideas on that one. You can get ready together if you want to, walk down the aisle together, first look? no problem… anything you fancy really. Want to wear your favourite jumpsuit and trainers, you got it. Of course you can still wear a big wedding dress or three piece suit and bowtie, this is your day remember and no matter the size, it can be as individual as you both are. One of this years lockdown brides wore hers and plans to have it shortened and maybe dyed for the party next year, what a great idea.

With your numbers greatly reduced you can hot foot it to your fave fancy restaurant after the ceremony, go ALL OUT because why not? bedeck the table with gorgeous decor and an incredible cake supporting our fantastic wedding industry suppliers. Make a full weekend of it, what about a pre-wedding day dinner with a select few, a luxurious hotel stay and sightseeing in a beautiful city or country retreat.

On the subject of wedding suppliers

Speak to your photographer (if you’re booked with me, have a chat with yours truly) about covering your micro wedding. It will be wonderful for all your friends and family to be able to see and feel those emotions from having it documented by a professional. I have captured a few weddings this year and each one has had it’s own unique take on the new wedding ways and brought so much happiness. Do check in with all your suppliers about dates if you are fully rescheduling.

We miss weddings…. a LOT. No matter how much Rishi Sunak tells us we need a better job. This is our calling and we’ve worked super hard for a long time to enable us to bring this joy to each and every one of our couples.

Get your tech on

This is a zoom meeting everyone can get on board with… you can have a laptop set up in the ceremony room and have loved ones involved live in your wedding. One of my couples this August had a projector screen set up in the church during the ceremony, at intervals it played out pre-recorded video messages from friends that were not able to attend in person on the day, lots of smiles, tears and laughter.

With the possibility of wiggle room in your budget now that you’ve reduced your wedding size, consider having the nuptials filmed professionally. Whether that be a full videographer with all the bells and whistles of sound recording or a fusion video, having that something extra is another great way to include more people after the wedding by way of feeling like they were there.

Small but perfectly formed

In short, a small wedding is a beautiful way to commit your life to your person. Every single one that I’ve been a part of has been intimate, emotional, fun and outright glorious and yours will be too.

I offer an hourly rate so that you can get the coverage you need for the wedding you’re planning and I cannot wait to hear from you, pop me an email or give me a call and let’s have a chat!


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