Last Friday I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary with my super supportive husband James. A few days before I decided to put together a slideshow of our wedding photographs having started making them for clients this year I thought it would be a lovely gesture and was looking forward to going through the images again.

I decided to dig back through all of them, not just the ones we had already selected back then for our album. I didn’t have the photographer with me at my friends salon where I was getting ready (really wish I had now!) but my Mum did capture some of the moments from having my hair put up, my daughter who was 23 months old then having her hair curled and so on. One of the things James said when he saw it was how lovely it was to see those as he didn’t see that bit on the day! So lesson number one, make sure you have a professional photographer booked in for your getting ready shots. This is such a sacred time and huge part of your wedding, everything you’ve been planning is coming together and you are becoming “The Bride” it is such a beautiful moment to treasure.

The biggest thing for me was discovering more pictures of James’ Dad who we lost 2 years ago and is missed dearly. Not just any pictures but happy smiling candid pictures (and that from a Yorkshireman is no easy feat!). I was really looking forward to adding these to the slideshow and the happy memories to go with them.

I personally work with a reportage style with my photography, which means taking pictures as they happen. I do formal shots for group pictures and also the Bride & Groom couple shots after the ceremony but the rest of the day I mingle in with the guests and just capture anything and everything. It’s important for me to do this, even though some might think for instance images of the speeches are dull… to me they’re not, one of my favourite pictures from my own wedding is of us all laughing at the speeches. There’s a moment when James and I walk through the door for the wedding breakfast announced for the first time as Mr & Mrs Walker and I think I am smiling from ear to ear… this is another of my favourites. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my couple pics too but I just wanted to explain the importance of those moments that we capture… it’s not just a case of a couple of shots in the ceremony and afterwards with the family, they are part of it BUT let us tell your story, you won’t regret it.

Well that’s enough waffling from me, here it is my wedding day slideshow. Massive thanks to Matt Beedle for photographing our wedding.

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