10th October 2012 The flight wasn’t too bad, I watched a good film, then slept on and off until 4am. I woke up with a serious case of jelly legs and dead arms!We landed in Entebbe at about 7.30am (Ugandan time – 2hrs ahead of UK) to claps of celebration for Uganda’s 50 years of independence. The drive to Vivian’s was longer than usual as we hit rush hour, it was fascinating just watching the world go by through the window.

We were welcome by Florence into Vivian’s home with smiles, tea and breakfast. There is the most beautiful little boy here name Ezra who is 2 years old, his Mum, Fanny was a girl from Wakisa. I was just asking Mum how old she was when she came to Wakisa but Fanny didn’t know, she didn’t even know when she was born. Fanny has been sponsored through Wakisa back into school. Sadly she never bonded with Ezra due to the trauma of falling pregnant with him from a gang rape by soldiers. Ezra lives here with Vivian, he has gorgeous smile, I am looking forward to seeing him each day while I’m here.

This is Ezra last night (after I’d already written my journal!) Playing drums on my iPad!

We are lucky that Vivian has a driver; Henry, he is polite and very sweet and after picking us up from the airport and bringing us to Vivian’s he took us to the Wakisa Centre. I definitely would not like to drive over here!! The irony of seeing a battered driving school vehicle when the crossroads’ rule seems to be “he who dares, wins” At Wakisa we were greeted with hugs and a very warm welcome from Vivian, it was good to see her again, I have met her twice now on her visits to the UK so it made a change to see her in Uganda! The girls gathered in the marquee and all sang a beautiful welcome song for Mum and I in English and then Ugandan. They sounded amazing, I nearly cried! I couldn’t help but notice Stella, the youngest of all the girls at just 12 years old, she was beautiful with an infectious smile… I hope to spend more time with her in the next few days. Vivian said she would love a doll when we went shopping so we added it to the list. We went through the unopened boxes that Helen shipped directly from Marks &Spencers, Vivian and Patience couldn’t believe it was all new clothes, bras & knickers, even toiletries! Thank you so much Helen, one of our jobs this week will be to stock take and put it all in their stores.

Henry drove us into Kampala where we exchanged the £3000.00 we raised in the UK, in a back office of bureau de change. It was all a bit cloak and dagger and felt like something off a gangster film, especially when we walked out as multi-millionaires!! We have been shopping and stocked up on treats for the girls, supplies for games and the doll for Stella!

We are now back at Vivian’s sorting a few bits out then a bit of rest before tomorrow. Phew! Been a long day… I can’t wait to get bac

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