19th October 2012

It’s been a long sweaty day today!! We went into Wakisa first thing, and there was still no news on where Charity was so I was beginning to worry. Vivian even thought maybe she was hoping to abandon the baby.

I did a great exercise with the girls with hula hoops and a ball we managed a mini game of netball! They loved it, it’s so good to see them working as a team to score. Mum then did her Alpha bible study with them.

The girls then donned gum boots (wellies to you and I) and harvested from their garden for their agricultural lesson. They were rather proud of the crop!

Finally news came through that Charity had all along been under the bed she was assigned to!! Vivian said it is common for the older married women to push them out for the space as they are so overcrowded in the hospital. She delivered a baby boy this morning, so pleased to hear she is well and safe.

We ended up waiting around a bit for Henry and the car as it needed a new fan belt then after lunch (even squeezed in some reading in the sunshine) Henry took Mum, Susan and I for a shopping spree to fill the Wakisa store cupboards with the remainder of the fundraised money now we’ve paid up on the bigger projects. It was a lot of driving around and darting in and out of shops, its quite surprising how much you can fit in the boot of a 4×4!! We bought 4 huge dustbins with click-closing lids for them to store rice, beans, sugar etc to keep the rats out! I don’t think I can remember everything but it was from potatoes to nappies! Whilst Mum and Susan nipped out of the car on the market for potatoes, I spotted this woman sleeping on the tarpaulin amidst the hustle and bustle of the shoppers and boda-bodas (the motorbike taxis).

We finally got back to Wakisa and unloaded the car gone 5pm. Just as we were about to leave when Gloria told us Charity was back, we went to the dorm and she was sleeping soundly with her baby next to her, we shall have to wait until Sunday to see them properly as we’ve got a day out at Jinja tomorrow, known as “the source of the nile”. He is as yet unnamed, can’t wait to meet him properly.

Back home and working out all the accounts with the receipts, enjoying a vodka and coke after our hard work (mum’s a B&C of course) and we blew up a balloon for Ezra to play with… I have not seen his eyes so bright the whole time we’ve been here, the giggles and squeals that came from him warmed me from the inside out, I’m going to miss this little man so much. Here are the results of showing a little boy a balloon for the first time…

Looking forward to a day with Mum and a boat trip chilling tomorrow. Feels like time is rapidly running out here.

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