20th October 2012

We were planning a lie in this morning but with the heat and noisy cockerels outside that plan was scuppered somewhat! Henry was picking Mum and I up for 9.30am to drive us to Jinja.

It took twice as long to get there as we thought, it was 2 hours instead of 1hr but hey it was a good job we had Henry taking us instead of a cramped 14 seater taxi!! Mum and I mostly sat like dogs by the windows enjoying the wind on our faces… I even snoozed a bit until we hit the old Ugandan roads again… BUMPY!

It was a scorcher of a day, we arrived in Jinja at “the source of the Nile” and had to laugh at the entry charges on the board – Ugandan 2,000, Rest of the World 10,000 shillings but that’s still only £2.50 so couldn’t really complain. After parking we were instantly set upon by a Ugandan named Dennis who wanted us to hire his boat and “pilot”. As we walked down the steps to the river it was lined with little huts selling jewellery, dresses, souvenirs etc they all wanted us to “come look” and I did actually want to but thought it best after the trip. We went straight to the bar and ordered some sodas for the three of us when Dennis sprung on us again! Henry reckoned he acted drunk, he probably touted for boat ride business and drank beer all day! We got on a boat with another “Muzungu” as Dennis had called him… he was a Bangladeshi who lived in St Albans. After much deliberation from Dennis, we didn’t have to pay for our driver so that was a winner because Henry got to come too.

We had the ropiest looking boat there which made me smile. Our “Pilot” was a lovely guy who talked us through all the birds on the river and where the pockets of air in the water were the Nile and where they stopped and lake Victoria started.

We stopped on a little Island to have the obligatory tourist picture that Henry kindly took for us then we took the boat right out again to Lake Victoria. It has Uganda’s first port around the corner as the lake borders three countries, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, he pointed them all out for us. It was quiet peaceful chugging along on the water and such a gorgeous day.

Once back on a dry land I bought a dress from one of the ladies’ stalls and we then drove to a hotel Mum found on her last trip here for lunch over-looking the lake. The drive home was quite serene, I love watching the world go by, there is always something to see, cattle with the biggest horns you’ve ever seen, children carrying things on their heads, people selling at the side of the road. I popped in my ipod and chilled all the way home to Mumford & Sons, and then Muse.

We had dinner at a local guest house with Vivian and two of her English friends who have a school out here, they’ve been to Uganda 20 times! We meeting a friend of theirs tomorrow who is sponsoring one of the Wakisa girls.

I forgot to mention, this morning Stella went to hospital after bleeding through the night and having pains. Turns out she was miscarrying and they did a full D&C. All though this made Mum and I sad everything happens for a reason and I don’t think Stella’s underdeveloped body could carry a child properly. I’m hoping to see her before she returns to her village.

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