21st October 2012

I stayed at home whilst Mum went to church in Natete today. Managed to edit photos from Jinja and catch up on the blog. I then spent a bit of time in the garden trying to catch some sun and read my book… I was listening to music on my iPhone when it suddenly stopped! It has a warning signal and a message telling me it was too hot to function and needed to cool down… I took this as am indicated to go back inside!! I lay on the bed with the fan on me for a moment. Then there was a knock at my bedroom door and a new face!

Miriam is an ex Wakisa girl and she’d stopped by especially to see Mum while we were here. I took the opportunity to interview on film as I’m composing a short clip for Wakisa about their sponsorship. Miriam is so lovely and just completing at Nursing School, another great advocate for Wakisa. Her little boy is now 5yrs and proper handsome! She showed me a picture of him on his bike.

After lunch and some catch up time for Mum and Miriam we went down to Wakisa for a bit of a party with the girls. Mum usually does this on her last day but as we leave early hours on Wednesdays and the girls have classes in the week we’d decided to do it Sunday afternoon.

All the girls were sleepy and chilling in the tv room after their lunch so to liven them up we got them singing in the marquee… My favourite past time… I may have mentioned this before!! I’ve loads of footage and recordings now to treasure of them singing their hearts away.

We then went into our first party game of musical chairs… most amusing with 20 pregnant girls and the laughter went on for some time. We followed it with pass the parcel, each layer has a sweet and inside was a baby grow for the winner. Soda break and cool off then more games and giggles. Next they played a game where they stood in a circle, feet touching the next person and with one hand behind their backs they had to stop the ball from rolling between their legs, if it did they were out… when it got down to 3 girls everyone was in stitches as they kept bending over to bat the ball and bumping heads! So funny! We finished it off with a tag/dodge ball inspired game where mum and I had to tag the girls as they ran past to the opposite side of the court, if they were tagged they were out but had to join the taggers side, again once down to 3 girls it was hard to stop laughing… I thought at one point with all this exercise and laughter we might bring on a labour!!

(this is baby Isaac, Doreen’s little bundle)

We ended the fun with more soda and some cake and I felt quite emotional that we only had 2 days left with the girls. Stella wasn’t able to join in unfortunately as she was still in pain from her miscarriage yesterday. We gave her lots of love and hugs.

Charity has named her gorgeous little boy Ezra! We gave her a little package of baby clothes from the donations… Pictures to follow soon!

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