22nd October 2012

Can’t believe it’s so close to the end of this part of my journey… I say that because I know this won’t be my last time here. It can’t be, I’ve so much to give and do. I don’t know when but I do know I will return, for definite.

A new girl had arrived at Wakisa about 6am this morning so we left sharpish after breakfast so Vivian could see them. Stella is being collected today to go back to her orphanage, I’m going to miss her, as is Wakisa but with new girls coming in every day she had to go home sooner rather than later.

We were meeting another English girl (Katrina) at Wakisa today who is a sponsor for one of the ex Wakisa girls at school. Henry drove us plus Susan to the school to meet Sarah, Katrina’s sponsored girl. Also Dorca (previously known as Fanny, she gave a false name at Wakisa) is at the same school and Mum knows her well, she didn’t know we were coming though and a lovely girl called Mary also from Wakisa.

When we arrived we sat in the staff room whilst they fetched Sarah, Dorcas and Mary another Wakisa girl. Dorcas’ face when she saw Mum was so sweet, she spent the entire time holding Mum’s hand and smiling. She has an immensely kind soul. I’m not sure if you remember but Dorcas was a Congolese girl who was raped by 3 soldiers. She had absolutely no where to go after having her son but was sponsored back into school, her son is Ezra who I have come to know and love and is currently living with Vivian. She is so clever and so strong especially after what she has been through.

After giving us all a tour and lots of pictures. Dorcas pointed out a notice on the notice board where it stated that she is Head Prefect! Not only that, but Sarah who we were also visiting was Assistant Head Girl! Out of hundreds of pupils this is such a massive accolade or the girls of Wakisa. They are also both in the top of their classes, so proud! I’ve interviewed them both for my video clip, looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Once we left the school we stopped by to visit Sarah’s Jaja who was looking after Sarah’s baby Victor whilst she was studying at school. It was a bigger house than Stella’s Jaja, quite a surprise in the village we went to.  These three gorgeous children were playing on a trike outside, the thing that struck me the most is that they had a toy! I haven’t seen many children in the villages actually playing with anything like this before and it made me smile a lot.

Inside Jaja’s house, little Victor was petrified of us 3 Muzungu women! Sarah’s Jaja was so lovely and so touched by our visit and our support she insisted on giving us a load of sugar canes as a gift.

By the time we’d gotten back Stella was gone. As we pulled into the drive I noticed Furaha sitting in the reception with tears rolling down her face. Mum and I went straight to her, she is going back to the Congolese Refugee camp. We weren’t expecting it, although we knew she couldn’t stay forever, she’s been there a year already when they’re only supposed to stay for 2 weeks after birth. I’ve got to say it’s the saddest I have felt the entire trip. After everything she’s been through and all Vivian’s efforts to try and find her somewhere to stay, no solution came through. I won’t go into loads of details because I cried enough already today. Mum and I did a short video diary on it when we got home for lunch. Furaha was the girl who was stabbed and shot when she tried to escape from the Congolese refugee camp after been raped. I wanted to take her home to the UK with me when I first met her, as did Mum and today really broke both our hearts. She is so scared to go back. Rock and hard place.

With heavy hearts and headaches to match Mum and I went back to Wakisa after lunch and Furaha had left. We tried to focus on the girls still there and got right into another exercise/game before Mum did her alpha bible study with them. We decided to use skipping ropes, the balls and the hula hoops in a mini obstacle course today, it was most amusing. Whilst Mum was doing her alpha another new girl arrived!

I interviewed Vivian on film today too.

Oh and the cabinets are nearly ready, five are being delivered tomorrow. Parition nearly complete too!

Bit of a long blog today, sorry about that… it’s been a tough one that’s for sure. Can’t believe tomorrow is out last day.

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