13th October 2012

Saturday! We had a mini lay in and got ready leisurely this morning. At breakfast Vivian said Ezra was desperate to play with me but she had to keep telling him we were resting. After breakfast he followed me back to our room. We played with his telephone, he said “hello” and “good morning” in English. I put some music on my laptop whilst doing my make up. Ezra watched me intently then we had a good head bop, boogie and clap together. As I took my hair band out to tidy my hair Ezra picked up my brush so I let him brush my hair. The girls in the centre are also fascinated by our muzungo hair because it is so much softer than their coarse afro hair. I remember on the first day Charity was stood behind me when I felt her touch my hair, when I turned around she acted like she’d done nothing, made me smile.

Although it was Saturday and our rest day, Mum and I decided yesterday that we would go and see the girls today as we felt we didn’t have much time with them yesterday. We had already left a suitcase of bras in Vivian’s office so decided we would sort through them and give a girl one each before putting the rest into stock for future girls.

Henry drove is in and we stopped by to see the metal worker for the quote from yesterday. I took some street shots from the car again.

As we began to unpack the bras at Wakisa there were about 3 girls in the room but slowly word got around and each time I looked around there were more and more! We layed them out in sizes and got ready to start guessing boob sizes!! The first girl Furaha stepped up as she knew the drill having been here last year when Mum did the same. They have no idea what size they are so it was literally a case of guess work and trial and error… the first few were shy but after that we would turn around to mutiples sets of boobs staring back at us waiting to try on bras!! There were lot of giggles and laughter and by the end of it we managed to find a bra for each of the girls. They didn’t want us to leave and wanted to play games but by now it was lunch and Vivian would be expecting us back, plus they have chores to do on a Saturday so we promised to return after church tomorrow.

We walked back home, it has been a beautiful day, I even braved some street photography on foot, although mostly shooting from the hip where it was busier.

The afternoon was spent chilling with Mum in Vivian’s garden, reading our books and chatting about the girls. I’m hoping to video them next week singing. I really want to share with you how it makes you feel, I hope a video can do them justice. When they sing it’s like for that moment all their troubles and woes are forgotten as they feel the music and let it out of their system. It gives me goosebumps every time and makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I know I still have 10 days left here but it feels like we’ve been here so long already, I don’t know how I am going to leave them. It’s going to hurt.

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