14th October 2012

Today was a busy day travelling around Uganda. First Mum and I went to Natete by taxi… the taxis are mini buses crammed full! Very hot and sweaty!! We then walked through a poor and quite slum-like track to get to the church where Mum goes to when she is here. I was shooting from the hip again and at one point Mum and I were trying to cross a very busy road when I spotted a man on the other side taking a photograph of us – the irony!! They don’t see many Muzungus here and we had children running up to us, just trying to touch our white skin!

The church was a huge wooden structure, lots of singing and dancing and we were even lucky to see their local street dance group, I got some footage of this. We chatted with one of the guys after, I’m going to send him my ropey filming. They recently won a competition and have been to the Uk too. www.kyukayouthoutreach.org

Our journey back was even hotter but we had a friendly chat with some locals in the taxi.

After lunch Mum and I walked to Wakisa to see the girls and do a bit of pampering with them. As it was a Sunday they had no lessons so we got some lovely photos with them. The first is me with Stella and the doll we bought her, then gradually all the girls came over. We encouraged the girls to do a bit of singing then they waited patiently to see what we would do next. We set out the nail polishes and asked for bowls of water.  We washed their feet and painted their toenails… I painted nearly 200 toes!!

I’ve had some cuddles with Ezra whilst editing some photos and chatting to Vivian’s son Tim who is an amateur photographer, I’m selling him my tripod when I leave, he cannot find one in Uganda and Amazon won’t deliver here so I shall get a new one in the UK! Have a look at his website http://humblebegining.wordpress.com

Tomorrow we are going back to the church as it has a school within it. We’ll meet the classes and hopefully get some film & photos as Mum’s church back in the UK have helped fund various parts of it.

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