17th October 2012

Zoo day!! We arrived at Wakisa nice and early ready for our trip to the zoo with some of the girls (the others had already been previously) Mum and I nipped inside to check on how the partitioning was coming along when we spotted Charity on all fours mid-contraction in the dorm. We comforted her through the contraction and another before the House Mother came in and realised what was happening. They quickly got her things together ready to take her to the hospital. Charity didn’t want to go until later but she had kept the contractions quiet since last night! I really felt the urge to go with her but we were already booked to take the girls to the zoo.

It was about an hours drive to the zoo and a beautifully sunny day. It was so nice to get the girls out and about and they absolutely loved it. Vivian says many Africans can die without having seen any of these animals even though they are native to their country. I had decided this morning not to take my camera and I’m glad I didn’t because it was so hot and would have been hard work carrying all my kit about. Instead Mum took her little camera and was on photo duty which made a lovely change and meant I got lots of pictures with me in them too! We had a guide take us around to look at lions, chimpanzees, crocodiles, otters, ostriches and many more that I can’t remember!

The zoo backs onto Lake Victoria, which is enormous!! It looks like a beach as all you can see on the horizon is the water! We all had a paddle and enjoyed the sunshine for a bit before heading back to the mini bus to get our food. We sat on a patch of grass and picnicked Ugandan style… well mum and I had a sandwich but the girls had rice, chapatis and bananas.

Another hour drive back home and the girls were so excited to tell Vivian all about it once back at Wakisa. They were all a bit tired so we headed home for an hours rest too. Unfortunately it was raining and thunderstorms so we didn’t make it back to Wakisa today. Ezra popped in with his books and looked at his while we chilled and read ours then he fell asleep… as did I!

It’s been a lovely day and quite a treat, Mum and I both caught the sun being out most of the day at the zoo. Can’t believe we are now into week 2 of our journey. Thanks so much for all your support so far, it’s lovely hearing from everyone whilst we’re hear and even lovelier seeing you follow my rambles!!


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