18th October 2012

After dropping Mum and Vivian at Wakisa, Henry and I checked in with the metal workers building the cabinets, they’re coming along nicely. Then Henry drove me back to Stella’s village and the orphanage where Stella grew up. I’m not sure if you remember but after visiting on Tuesday we decided that we would take the M&S childrens clothes donated by Helen that were too big for Wakisa babies. The youngest child was scared of me on the first visit but today I even got a cuddle! She was wearing a dress that was about five sizes too big and dirty, I knew then we had made the right decision.

Henry and I were brought tea and bread and we chatted with the carers about how the home started 10 years ago . The Pastor lost both his parents and his grandmother by the age of 8 or 9 years old and couldn’t bear life any more, he felt that he had no-where to go and decided to throw himself in front of a moving vehicle. A man saw and ran across to save him. The young boy was angry with him as he wanted to die and shouted at the man for saving him. (cutting a long story short) the man took the boy under his wing and put him through school, the boy then became a Pastor and set up his Ministry and the Orphanage, he wanted to help as many children like him and doesn’t have an age limit to who they will take in.

Back at Wakisa it was Flavia’s last day, her Mum was collecting her and baby Joshua to take them home. Flavia was excited to be seeing her Mum. I took a picture of Mum with them both and once her Mum arrived got her together with Flavia and Joshua for a picture. She looked proud to be a Jaja!

We also had the absolute pleasure of seeing Dinah today. Dinah is an ex-Wakisa girl, currently studying a Batchelor of Business Studies & Administration at University through being sponsored. Liz who is Mum’s friend and has been to Uganda twice with Mum sponsors her. She is such a lovely girl/woman and so proud of her place at Uni and grateful for her sponsor, a fantastic advocate of the work that Wakisa does. Dinah told me her entire story from the beginning, of how she came to work for a man and his wife and he forced himself on her and made her pregnant, he begged her not to tell anyone but she knew it was wrong. After staying at Wakisa Dinah’s father visited with Vivian mediating and both the Man and his wife there. The man who raped her begged Dinah’s father’s forgiveness. His wife has taken on Dinah’s baby whilst Dinah studies. She is now doing so well at university and gets to see her son often. We dropped Dinah back off at Uni and she showed us around very proudly.

Doreen is back from hospital with her beautiful and tiny baby boy Isaac who is about 5lbs bless him! The other girls were mocking her as he is not as dark as the other babies and said he looks like Mum, the same skin and even Doreen giggled and called him a Muzungu!

I have talked lots today to Susan about the girls and the sponsorship and look forward to putting together the video about it. Susan is Vivian’s daughter-in-law and the Sponsorship Co-ordinator.

I then played a balloon game with all the girls with much amusement as they passed it up and under round in a circle! Lots of fun was had.

There is no news on Charity and in fact Gloria the house mother hasn’t been able to find her at the hospital!! It is so disorganised there, I hope she is safe and well.

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