The reason why we are here… to get you wed! The vows, the readings, saying I do… the ceremony is such an amazing whirlwind. You have spent all your time wedding planning, building to this moment. Promising to grow old together. You can’t and don’t really see me at this point, all eyes on each other. But if you could, you would see me grinning like a cheshire cat behind my camera.

First Look

A pretty modern but lovely trend, to meet with your other half before entering for the ceremony. Make sure you tell your photographer your intentions. Having captured these before, I can tell you it is a beautiful intimate moment between the two of you. It’s not for everyone but it is an option.

Walking in together 

Well this can be just the cutest moment of pride as you walk in holding hands with your future husband or wife. It could be after a first look or it could be that you meet at the bottom of the aisle for the first time. Either way it’s pretty special.

Don’t rush 

Whenever I am excited or nervous I tend to talk or walk faster. I often have to remind myself to slow down, breathe and enjoy. This is the same as when you walk down the aisle and when you say your vows. Savour the moment, this is it, this is what we’ve all been waiting for. If your Vicar/Registrar/Celebrant is walking before you, wait until they are at the top of the aisle before you proceed, same as any of your wedding party procession, give them time and space before you follow.

Smile & relax 

It is pretty intense getting married, sometimes through the nerves or anxiousness you can forget you’ve slipped into the resting bitch face. It happens, sometimes we concentrate so hard on getting the words right and not saying “Rachael” that our facial expression is also concentrating. Just check yourself every now and then, looking at the person you are about to marry normal slaps that big cheeser of a grin right back there again.

rules & stipulations 

Please do check any rules in place before your wedding day. Mostly I can capture wedding ceremonies no problem, I’m discreet and professional throughout. However I have been hired for weddings where I’ve not been allowed to photograph either parts or entire ceremonies. Some couples have given me the heads up before hand, other’s didn’t even know until the day.


Have a friend or family member or two, read something out to you and your guests. It’s a lovely way to involve someone special in the ceremony. This is an old article but I still reference it now to my couples as it has so many different suggestions from funny to romantic: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings – Reading Ideas


Consider going unplugged, even if just for the ceremony. Some officials insist that guests don’t take photos and to leave it to the photographers. It’s a wonderful way of your guests being truly present during the service. It also means when we take photos we can see your guests smiling at you not hidden behind their devices. Unplugged Wedding Templates 

first kiss 

Not shy in the cheeky snog department? The first kiss can be a lovely moment captured. Sometimes, like with anything, it can be missed if it’s too quick or if Aunt Fanny jumps up with her iPad blocking the photographers shot. To ensure you get the shot you want, more than a peck is ideal! Also feel free to have a second kiss… just in case… you’re allowed, you’re married!


You may well have noticed… I bloody love a confetti shot! The key to nailing this beautiful, colourful and joyful moment, is big ass confetti. Not just big but lots, whatever you bought, double it. Sometimes I do a walkthrough tunnel, other times a layer arc on steps, both create awesome results. Have someone in charge of dishing it out. I’ve found baskets or buckets of it is better than little cones or boxes. People can just grab a handful. Confetti pops are also pretty ace!

If you’re not already booked in with me for your wedding photography, head on over to my contact page and send me your details, I’d love to chat about your wedding plans!

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